Diversity Equity & Inclusion in Personal Finance

Sandy Smith


I am a personal finance influencer focused on improving the lives of women and individuals of color.

To accomplish this I focus on training that centers on finance and entrepreneurship. 

I also help organizations improve their outreach to communities of color.

My current list of initiatives and projects.

Colorful Money

An online financial magazine featuring news from and by the Elevate Community curated by Sandy.

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Elevate Community

Founder of a group of financial industry professional of color who are dedicated to improving the lives of the community.

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Elevate Influencer

Founder of the annual financial conference for personal finance influencers.

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The Hustle Crew

Founder of the 20,000+ community group focused on small business, entrepreneurship and side hustles.

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Side Hustle School

The academy has taught hundreds of students the skills needed to start their new business ventures.

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Yes, I Am Cheap

Founded in 2009, the yesiamcheap.com website serves the general public by offering timely articles focused on personal finance. 



Recent professional awards and recognition.

Apr 2019
Top Black Financial Expert

14 Black Financial Experts You Should Be Following

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September 2019
Biggest Impact

For working my work with the Elevate Community in bringing financial education to communities of color.

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Apr 2019
Top Female Financial Influencer

11 Female Finance Influencers You Should be Following

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2020 - PresentPlutus Foundation
Board Member

The Plutus Foundation supports programs that enhance financial literacy, education, and empowerment. 

2013-PresentElevate Community

A community of 400+ financial professionals whose audience is primarily comprised of individuals of color.


General personal finance education and information designed to help the public learn and live their best financial lives. 

2016-PresentThe Hustle Crew

A Facebook group of 20,000+ members who are actively learning about creating a small business or learning about a new side hustle to supplement their income.

I've been fortunate to work with and for people from some amazing organizations.


Partners worldwide, as well as designers, developers and marketers.


Project completed and delivery on worldwide with more 60 countries.


Employees & Staffs worldwide at present.

*Sanfasio Agency’s Stories

I have struggled with fear in the past when it came to starting a business. I joined the hustle crew and Sandy has inspired me to push past my fears and start. I would highly recommend Sandy Smith she is an amazing educator who truly cares about seeing you win!
Sherri Hutcherson
Hustle Crew is a great educational experience! Thank you Sandy Smith for all your knowledge and teachings! You are truly an inspiration
Aisha Williams
Her knowledge is priceless....so glad to receive from such a treasured jewel. Thanks Sandy for your guidance, wisdom, help, and transparency.
Funda Ross
Sandy is TRUTHFUL, yet compassionate in ALL that she does and gives to her social media communities... Plain & simple Sandy is the TRUTH you've been searching for and NEED! D’Lynn Jackson Join Hustle Crew! If you want to learn about side gigs and making money from home, this is the place to be.
DeAnna Troupe
Sandy’s Small Business Incubator class is legit. I got so much more than what I paid for. Sandy is a giver with a big heart. If you think she gives here, you should see how she helps her SBI students. In this class, I was able to turn my skills into a business in less than a month and she has been helping me since then. This is one of the best business investments I ever made.
Tasha Jones


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